FAQs – Natreefy


What will i get in my Natreefy Box?

In your pretty Natreefy box you will get your borosilicate bottle which contains your strainer that will help you drink your tea or prepare other detox drink the 21st century way, including also your silicone made bottle sleeve. 

Shipping Time - When will my Natreefy Box be delivered after ordering?

If you are located in the US our shipping time is 3-5 business days, outside of the US is 7-10 business days. After checking out you will receive an email including your tracking # allowing you to see where your package is in real time until you receive it.

How to use my bottle?

After unpacking your masterpiece, it is time to make your life easier and start drinking the 21st century way. Turn your bamboo made lid, and pull the top of your strainer and fill it up with whatever ingredients that you want to infuse in your drink, could be leaf to make your tea, a piece of lemon to make your alkaline water, if you want to put a bunch of different of fruits just remove strainer totally and throw fruits in there and put strainer back in correct position.

Why this is one of the best investment you have made this year?

While you are making a difference in the environment by buying eco-friendly products, you also carry nature with you everywhere you go, promoting raise of your consciousness, and increasing your mental clarity, your focus to do your work and study, your mood is always boosted up, leading you to live at your peak existence as a human being.

What should be the temperature limit for the liquid that i put in my bottle?

Your bottle is borosilicate glass, which means it is resistant to thermal shock and not really affected by high or low temperature.